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*This journal is a PDF download, designed to be used on handheld devices* If you'd prefer to purchase the paperback version, you can do so here on Amazon.


Sunshine After Storms: Embracing Healing After Trauma" is a deeply personal and transformative guide for those seeking to heal from trauma. Through a blend of heartfelt narrative and interactive journaling exercises, this book offers a compassionate pathway towards understanding, acknowledging, and healing from trauma.


Its sections cover various aspects of healing, including understanding trauma, acknowledging personal experiences, developing therapeutic techniques, and building a supportive network. With an emphasis on self-expression, self-discovery, and embracing the future, this journal is not just a book but a sanctuary for the soul, offering hope and guidance for anyone on the journey towards healing and self-rediscovery.

This journal is not just a journal. It is a guide to healing as well. The six sections we cover are:

1) Understanding Trauma: This section explores the nature of trauma, its various forms, and its profound impact on individuals. It encourages personal reflection to understand how trauma has affected the reader's life.

2) Acknowledging Your Trauma: Focused on unpacking suppressed emotions, this section provides journaling exercises to help readers identify and process their feelings related to trauma.

3) The Healing Process: Outlining the stages of healing, this section offers therapeutic techniques and activities to assist in the healing journey, emphasizing the non-linear and unique nature of personal healing.


4) Building a Support System: This part guides readers in creating and nurturing a supportive network, including seeking professional help and understanding the importance of a strong support system in the healing process.


5) Reclaiming Yourself: Dedicated to rediscovering identity post-trauma, this section encourages exploring personal values, setting healthy boundaries, and using affirmations to rebuild a positive self-image.


6) Embracing the Future: It focuses on setting personal goals to shape a hopeful future. This section provides exercises and strategies for goal setting, emphasizing its role in continuing the journey of healing and personal growth.


Each section is designed to guide readers through different aspects of healing from trauma, providing a comprehensive approach to emotional wellness and recovery.

Healing is not linear and it is not the same for everyone. But with the right tools and the ability and desire to heal, it is possible.

Sunshine After Storms: Embracing Healing After Trauma

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