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Create a Functional and Transitional Kids Workspace!

Updated: Feb 17

Creating a dedicated play space for a blended family with seven children is no small feat, but with some ingenuity and strategic planning, we transformed our upstairs loft area into a functional playroom that our kids adore. Here's how we optimized a commonly overlooked area into a versatile space for creativity and fun, proving essential for maintaining harmony and organization in a bustling household.

Transforming the Loft: A Playroom Makeover

The Challenge: With a large, blended family, finding a space where the kids could freely play and express themselves without cluttering the rest of the home was crucial. Our loft area, initially a pass-through space plagued by the inevitable chaos of coloring supplies, legos, and assorted toys, presented the perfect opportunity for a makeover.

The Vision: Our goal was to create a functional, transitional area in the loft's 9.5-foot-long back wall, flanked by hallways. The space needed to be adaptable, allowing for various activities such as coloring, playing games, and building legos, while also being easy to clean up and maintain.

The Solution: After some research and inspiration, we decided on a DIY project to maximize the area's potential. We purchased four foldable brackets from Amazon and a 6-foot piece of wood from Lowe's to construct a foldable table. This design choice was key to ensuring the play area could be easily transformed back into a pass-through space when necessary. For seating, we opted for stackable stools that could be neatly tucked away, further enhancing the area's versatility.

Organization and Storage: To tackle the ever-present challenge of keeping the playroom tidy, we incorporated pegboard storage above the foldable table. This storage solution has been a game-changer, providing a place for every marker, lego piece, and game, ensuring the loft remains organized and functional.

The Result: The transformation of the loft area has been a resounding success. Not only have we created a space that belongs to the kids, but we've also managed to maintain order and sanity in our beautifully blended family home. The foldable table and stackable stools ensure the play area can be quickly and easily cleared, making the space adaptable for any need.

For those interested in creating a similar space in their homes, you can click here to shop for everything needed for this project, except for the wood and paint (available at Lowe's), via the provided affiliate link.

By thoughtfully utilizing available space and incorporating versatile furniture and smart storage solutions, families of any size can create a dedicated area for children to play, learn, and grow. Our loft makeover is a testament to the power of creativity and strategic planning in crafting a harmonious home environment for a large, blended family.

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